Fears Heritage Division caters to owners of Fears wrist and pocket watches made between 1846 and 1976.

Watches made in our first 130 years require more specialised servicing than the watches we make today. With Fears Heritage, you'll discover a range of services and straps designed to help you use and enjoy your older Fears watch.


Fears Heritage offers a range of services specifically designed for older Fears models:

Full Service and refurbishment (where appropriate)
Dial restoration
Hand re-lumination and restoration
Case cleaning
New glass fitting

If original parts are not available, we are able to make new components from scratch.


Fears Heritage offers bespoke straps, handmade according to the specifics of the watch (including fixed watches with springbars).

Re-create the original strap fitted to the watch, or choose from the 80,000 colour combinations offered in the Fears Custom range.

    Extract from the Fears Archive

    Every watch that receives a full service through Fears Heritage is returned with a signed extract from our archives. We use our archives to assist when selecting new hands, restoring dials, or making straps similar to those originally fitted to the watch.


    Because all work carried out by Fears Heritage is bespoke, we provide a free quote for each service and strap. As a guide:
    Servicing: from £400
    Straps: from £125

    Getting Started

    If you would like your Fears watch serviced or a custom strap, please contact us at fearsheritage@fearswatches.com