Hand Built in UK

As a British watch company with a distinguished heritage on these shores, we are proud to hand build our watches in the UK.

All of our watches are built in small batches by a highly-skilled watchmaker in the city of Norwich, Norfolk. Each watch is built from start to finish by one person.

We are proud to work with some of the world’s best component manufactures. Each of these family-run companies specialize in one aspect of the watch: case, dial, hands, glass, strap. Aside from the movement (from ETA of Switzerland) and classic ‘onion’-shaped winding crown, each part of our watches is made bespoke for Fears, to our own design.

By working closely with component experts and then building the watches ourselves, we have complete control over everything that goes into a Fears watch. No other watch will ever share the same case, dial, hands, or strap.

By the time you fasten a Fears onto your wrist, it has been through nearly a dozen quality controls, with the final checks performed by the Managing Director himself.