The Fears Difference

Fears is proud to hand build only a few hundred watches each year.

When re-establishing his family’s historic watch company, our Managing Director decided to focus the business on quality, not quantity.

This choice comes from Fears’ belief in excellence and tradition, and our desire to create something special that will be cherished. All of our watches are made to a quality that, with regular servicing, ensures they will outlive their owner. The clean, classic design of our watches means they will be as desirable to wear in decades to come as they are today. Style and substance -- the perfect watch.

One of Fears' most closely-held beliefs is that everyone who interacts with the company deserves to be treated with respect. This means looking after not only our customers, but also all of the many specialist suppliers involved in producing the many components that go into our finished watches. Fears partners with family-run, traditional businesses across Britain and Europe, and we do everything in our power to ensure they are supported in their expert work.

How Fears conducts itself is as important as the watches we make.