Fears Archive - 1946 gent's wrist watch

The classic Polar White dial of the Brunswick White and Brunswick ‘Midas’ uses an exclusive set of Fears heritage numerals.

These numerals are taken directly from a watch we made in 1946, as part of a celebration of the centenary of the business. This watch comes from an interesting time in Fears’ history, when the conflict of the Second World War had ended, yet rationing and austerity were still very much in effect in Britain.

The 1946 numerals feature many style cues of the day: a flat-topped 4, a rounded 0, and an open 6 and 9. What makes then so distinctive is their many subtle serifs and flicks -- these tiny shapes make the simple white dial so full of character.

This wristwatch from the Fears’ archives is the epitome of the classic Fears watch. Its elegant silhouette and clean, easy-to-read dial are carried forward to the watches we make today.


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