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Fears Battery Change

SKU: FBC-0001

£25 inc. VAT / £20.83 ex. VAT (non-EU)


Quick and convenient.

A Fears Battery Change is the easiest way to ensure your Fears watch is fitted with the correct battery and receives a History Note for the Fears Watchbook.

  • How the process works

    To have a Fears Battery Change undertaken on your watch please follow the simple steps below:


    1. Check that your watch needs a battery - if it's noticably less than two years since the last battery was fitted then it could be a problem with the movment in which case email service@fearswatches.com
    2. Place the Fears Battery Change into your basket and pay
    3. Fears will send you packaging and instructions on how to send your watch to us
    4. We'll then undertake the battery change
    5. Once complete the watch is returned to you using Royal Mail's insured Special Delivery service
    6. The watch arrives back with a History Note to be placed in the Fears Watchbook, more information under Service by Fears
  • Why get my battery changed by Fears?

    All Fears watches feature a Swiss Ronda Quartz movement that requires a battery to power them. With normal use the battery is expected to last approximately 2 years after which it needs to be changed. We recommend changing the battery as soon as it is required to avoid any damage being caused to the watch's movement.


    Sounds great, but why get it done by Fears?


    A Fears Battery Change involves more than just popping in a new battery:

    • Fears only uses Swiss Made mercury-free batteries which are a superior watch battery that is kinder to the environment
    • All old batteries are recycled, reducing the waste that ends up in land fill
    • The movement gets checked to ensure that only the battery needs changing to get the watch running again
    • The rubber seal around the case back is changed to ensure the watch is as water resistant as possible