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A first for Fears – Limited Edition prints


In early 2018 our (4th) Managing Director, Nicholas Bowman-Scargill, discovered poster and illustrator artist Fab Gorjian. He quickly built up a strong rapport with him, which led to Fears commissioning Fab to create a series of artworks for the Six Week Store Fears was hosting in Central London. Once hung, the pieces received such a positive reaction from visitors to the store the decision was taken to do a limited run of 25 prints of each.

When it came to choosing a fine art printers to undertake this work we looked straight to our good friends at AC Cooper who have for the past two years done a lot of our photography. AC Cooper, like all our suppliers, are family run and specialise in both photography as well as fine art reproduction. Having worked for the major auction houses and gained an impressive reputation in the art world they were a natural choice.


Nicholas spent several weeks with owner Jason to pick a suitable paper and printing method that would do Fab’s pieces justice. In the end they settled on the world famous Giclée printing process, which uses archival quality inks and combined this with a special matt archival paper made by German paper merchants, Hahnemühle.

Before the run of prints was started several miniatures of each piece were created to calibrate the colour reproduction perfectly. Nicholas visited the studios multiple times to check that the colours matched the original perfectly. Once he was satisfied the main run started and then Fab checked each print in person before numbering and signing them.


We have only made 25 of each of the three pieces, these will not be repeated. If you choose to get all three then they will be accompanied by a signed letter by both Fab and Nicholas talking about their inspiration for creating them.

 £95 inc. VAT

£79.17 ex. VAT (non-EU)