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The Brunswick "Midas" - inspired by King Midas from Greek Mythology.

This beautiful golden Brunswick is the result of months of painstaking development and experimenting to achieve the perfect shade of gold.


This warm gold we’ve created by using different carat weights and colours of gold over a marine-grade bronze case is reminiscent of the old Fears rolled-gold watches we use to make in the last century. Not bright like modern yellow gold nor as pink as rose gold.


The Brunswick “Midas” embodies the glamour and decadence of the 1920s and 30s with its golden curves while emanating elegance. The 38mm cushion case makes the Brunswick "Midas" an extremely comfortable watch on both larger and smaller wrists.

Each Brunswick “Midas” is hand built in Britain.

Visible though the exhibition case back is the Brunswick's Swiss made top-grade ETA 7001 mechanical movement. The plates have been "stippled" in the UK and then dual-gold coated.

Just like Fears watches in the past this reliable movement requires winding by hand to give it its power.


The 'skeletonise' Fears-shaped hands are first laser cut before being beveled by a watchmaker using a micro-file.

Once he is happy with them, they are then given the dual-gold coating, which gives them a beautiful deep shine. 


The 38mm cushion-shaped case is one of the most elegant shapes a watch can take.

Its beauty comes at a cost as those beautiful curves and surfaces create many complications in its construction and each watch requires an entire day of hand-polishing by an expert watchmaker to give it its brilliant shine.


Early Fears wrist watches had white enamel dials.


The Brunswick's dial evokes this look and feel. It is made from cold resin enamel which is polished to give it a deep lustre.


Many hours have gone into its creation. As you look at the surface finish, you know that you're looking at something truly special.




Due to the hand-built nature of the Brunswick "Midas" can only be made in limited batch runs.


Though not a limited edition we only make 5 Brunswick "Midas" watches a year.

If you have any questions please contact us at brunswick@fearswatches.com

Starting with a base of marine-grade Phosphor Bronze, the Brunswick "Midas" is coated first in a layer of 18ct Rose gold before a top layer of 9ct Yellow gold is applied.

These two layers of differing carat weights and colours give the watch is unique colour.

Please click on the image below to learn more about the Brunswick "Midas"'s specification and to acquire one 

 £3,950 inc. VAT

£3,291.67 ex. VAT (non-EU)